[1] Service Details

Various artists (designers) and modellers in the 3D industry, games industry, animation industry, etc, They routinely search for reference images. However, it is not always easy to collect the information they want by simply searching the internet. This is why this service is designed to have reference images taken by people living in different parts of the world. The people who submit the images receive a reward in return.

[2] Flow

All photos are checked by humans, so you will not be rewarded for uploading completely unrelated images.

[3] About the Name

delegate, brigade, deliver, (decentralized)

[4] Scope of Photo Use

The photographs may be used by Requester for various productions, except for direct sale of the received photographs, subject to any restrictions on the scope of use that Requester may otherwise impose at the time of application.

[5] Scope of photographs that may be requested

Photographs that are illegal to keep or take are prohibited. For example, violence, sexuality, etc.

[6] Copyright of Photographs

Copyrights, if any, belong to the photographer, but all rights to use and process the photographs, except for direct sale, are granted to the client for an unlimited period of time. The service does not intend for photographs to be copyrighted works of art, but only for reference purposes. To put it simply, what you submit is basically not a work of art. In exceptional cases, if Requester is looking for a photo as a work of art, this will be stated in the request.

[7] Currency

Use USDT. Avoid the risk of price fluctuations linked to Bitcoin. This service charges a consumption tax for users in Japan. This is levied on the amount at the time the cost is incurred, so currency risk should be mitigated.
If you want to exchange your USDT to XTZ, please use https://quipuswap.com/

[8] Roadmap

- Release of the functions for requesters.
- Develop and release a smartphone app version
- Location-based filtering
- Add more types of requests. For example, 3D scanned models.
We will start with people who are familiar with the blockchain and gradually encourage general users to use it.
As for the requestors (Production Studios etc.), we will be working on their behalf for a while so that they are not aware of the existence of the blockchain.

[9] Requester

- If you are a Production Studio or freelancer and would like to submit a request, please contact us on Discord. We don't think it will be easy to gather the necessary reference photos yet, but instead we can do it now with our constant support.

[10] Operating Company

Yotsuya-ku Non-Material Industry LLC (四谷区非素材工業合同会社)

7F N&E BLD., 1-12-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

Representative: Hirotaka Aseishi

[11] Operating Memebers

There are two other members of the management team. Each has refused to post their names, saying that the blockchain is fishy. LOL.

[12] API

Tzkt API

[13] Blockchain


[14] Sphere in the background

We plan to use it later.

[15] Next Service

A service name starting with "S" and ending with "8" will be released next.
This is neither NFT nor De-Fi.

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